THE ITSEKIRI EDUCATION TRUST was established January 2012 as an intervention agency under the WARRI NATIONAL COUNCIL to support and  improve the quality of Education -  in Itsekiri (Iwere ) Land.

The mandate of which the Trust was established is as follows:

  • Own educational institutions which should be situated in Itsekiri land on behalf of all Itsekiri both at secondary and tertiary levels, research centre’s particularly the Centre For Itsekiri Studies as well as skill acquisition centre’s
  • To generate funds to finance  initial capital and recurrent costs of educational institutions setup until  they are self sustaining.
  • To setup a scholarship scheme and evolve strategies for ensuring that brilliant students particularly the indigent ones benefit from it.
  • To collaborate with other agencies and bodies to help in the development of education especially in Itsekiri land.
  • To Evolve academic and moral policies for the administration of education institutions to attract children from even the best homes.
  • To sponsor research in the natural and physical sciences, humanities, social and management sciences, technology, medicine, arts and culture including efforts in the centre for Itsekiri studies.



To pursue total Education of All Itsekiris as a vehicle forDevelopment



To be an Efficient,Highly Organised Body, based on integrity, which will drive the Educational Transformation of Iwere land.


Latest Updates

Address: Olu Palace (AGHOFEN), P.O. Box 1, Warri, Delta State.

Telephone: 053-829596